Clever Girls


At night, perhaps after Diane Jean has finished digging through dead people’s stuff, you may find their band, writing. Between running a vintage store and pressing records at a local Record Plant, Diane founded Clever Girls- a quartet formed in the drunken masses of Burlington, Vermont that creates sorrowful, confused rock.

Having shared stages with national powerhouse acts such as Lucy Dacus, Mothers, Grace Potter, Weakened Friends and even Jackson Browne, Clever Girls is taking the East Coast by storm. 

Diane Jean’s quirky outlook buoys the band’s writing, while Rob Slater, Tobias Sullivan and Winfield Holt deftly create everything from diverse percussive palettes to guitar infectious melodies. Together, the group creates hardhitting, emotional pop- never slipping into diaristic monotony.   Above all, Clever Girls as a group will elicit the same emotion and nostalgia that Diane Jean seeks to find in their day job; the music will live somewhere between straight forward rock and roll of bygone eras and dusty, moth eaten grunge pop. 

Vocals, Guitar / Diane Jean
Guitar / Winfield Holt
Bass / Tobias Sullivan
Vocals, Drums / Rob Slater